Hey there, my name is Leslie Lewis-Walker and founder of the site. I am a singer songwriter www.instragram.com/leslielewiswalker and a videographer www.lewiswalkermedia.com  by trade. Before this period, I worked for the government for a decade, which in the main was a good experience. I worked alongside a lot of capable people and never had to disclose my dyslexia as my role played to my strengths.


That was until I changed job roles and I reached a stage in my career where I found work very challenging. At this point, I felt frustrated with myself and lost a lot of confidence which was hard to regain.

After taking the time to understand Dyslexia and my unique profile, I realised that whilst there is a shortfall in some areas, there are a lot of benefits in other areas.


I started the ‘Out The Box Thinkers’ initiative to try and reach individuals in a similar position and assist them to build their confidence and feel free enough to express themselves through creative outlets.

It can be difficult to find our way and battle against the grain, so I hope this website helps people positively.